Sensei Dave Gadd

Grade :- 4th Dan Jikishin Jujitsu
- 1st Dan British Judo Association
- 2nd Dan British Judo Council

Kobudo :- Level 3
UKMA GB Coachh :- Level 2

davegaddMy martial arts career has been long and varied. I joined the Swindon Judo Club [BJA] in 1964 gaining 1st Dan in 1985. I also joined Faringdon Judo Club [BJC] where I gained my 1st Dan in 1976 and subsequently gained my 2nd Dan in 1992. I was an active Judoka with both organisations. I continued to practice Judo but also took up Jujitsu in 1987 when I joined Swindon Jujitsu club. I gained my 1st Dan Jujitsu in 1995 and for the next few years concentrated on coaching but went on to gain my 2nd Dan Jujitsu in 2007. Since 2000 I have been concentrating more on Jujitsu, training twice a week and less on Judo, training only occasionally.

It is essential to obtain an all round knowledge of every discipline encountered in Jujitsu to become successful, but being on the small side my preference is ground fighting. I also prefer the throwing techniques best suited to my stature.

After many years enjoying martial arts, I learnt many Japanese words and phrases which prompted me to study the Japanese language at Swindon college . This in turn inspired me to visit Japan and have been lucky enough to travel extensively around that interesting country. I visited three times with my wife, mostly backpacking and as I worked for Rover I also spent 1 month on a work related visit to a Honda factory.

I naturally took my gi each time and have had the experience of fighting on the hallowed tatami at the Kodokan in Tokyo. I also visited a judo club in Kawagoe and practised with Sensei Takeda 6th Dan. I have also practised judo in Singapore where my son lives.

I, like all Jikishin members enjoy the comradeship and atmosphere associated with Jujitsu and attend as many courses as I can. I am a level 3 coach (club instructor) level 4 at Kobudo (weapons) , a Competition Assistant, up to date First Aid certificated and as a pre requisite for all BJJAGB coaches I have CRB enhanced clearance essential for all instructors enabling them to teach children and vulnerable persons.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members.

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